Heartspace NYC

Our Approach


We Build sales stacks for teams to be agile, measurable and accountable. Growth at scale is about investing in a sales ecosystem that increases productivity, visibility and revenue.

We Empower individuals to be the best contributors to their team, culture and entire organization. It begins with the connection to the mission and continues with a commitment to excellence.

We Collaborate with leadership teams to create the most intuitive path forward with innovative and executable strategies.

We Teach best practices, create bespoke content and employ training methods that work for sales teams to achieve consistent results.

Onboarding and training programs are the secret to success and we are passionate about teaching!


Work With Us


Sales Stack Implementation

Are you thinking of investing in a CRM, sales automation or enablement platform?

We will to guide you through the scoping process to find the best fit for your organization, architect and build the platform for your team.


Onboarding & Training Programs

HeartSpace has a library of training content and we also create bespoke content for our clients.

We have sales experts who lead sessions and collaborate closely with leadership teams to have ongoing team support.


Strategy Sessions

Our strategy sessions are for managers and executive leaders who need a strong sounding board and partner in working through challenges and overall strategy planning. These sessions are usually focused on a specific project, deadline or presentation.

We will match you with a partner from The HeartSpace Collective based on your industry and expertise.