Praise & Press

Alex Tsepko,
CEO & Founder, Skylum Software

“In order to retain our 120% year to year growth, I knew we needed to rethink the way our affiliate sales team was structured. I was impressed with Simmone's experience when we met in NYC in 2017, and had no doubts that her team will help us set things up in the right way. Simmone worked remotely with our team in Europe, and despite the time difference, language and even cultural differences, we've got much more than expected. The team is now structured motivated and effective, ensuring the business growth at 200% - even more than we planned.”

Frances Simowitz, CEO & Managing Director,

"Simmone Taitt is consistently one of the top-rated mentors at NUMA's accelerator. Her session on sales tool automation is actionable and provides tangible value to our founders, and is always highlighted and remarked as amazing. She's a brilliant sales-woman with an incredible knack at supporting startups with their structure and strategy."

Liz Scott, President
EC Scott Group

"Simmone's ability to guide me through self-exploration, and find strengths within myself that I didn't know I had before, is worth every moment I took out of my busy day. The work we did together, in a short 60 minute period, shaped decisions that helped me grow my business, and perhaps more importantly, helped me grow myself as a leader."

Ryan Robles, Founder, RRPR Creative

“Working with Simmone and HeartSpace NY was such a positive experience and proved to be very powerful for my agency. Over the four months of our relationship, we were given the tools needed to develop vital internal processes to better serve our clients, and work more efficiently as a team. Thanks to HeartSpace NY, we now understand our business in a deeper, more meaningful way and couldn’t be more excited about the future.”